May 012010

Narcissistic Ex leaves a residue that taints long after they leave…

Come in contact with a narcissist and you cannot help but feel violated – even with brief contact.  But live with and marry one, and likely you will be tainted by their caustic residue long after they have scattered the remains of your relationship all around you as you lay on the floor struggling to regain your foothold.

This is the insidious result of the narc’s ability to suck the life blood out of those they profess to love and care for, all the while draining you of every drop of energy and joy you posses. And those who are unfortunate enough to last a few rounds with a narc end up loosing everything in the end. Even their future. Those who live it, feel it and survive this battle one on one with the narc are forever scarred…. damaged goods long after they are left in that black smoke of the void that once contained the narc and his entourage.

Perhaps there is an opportunity in all this for the creation of a new support group – Narcissist Survivors Anonymous (NSA)! Anyone want in on the formation of the first chapter? We can hold the meetings in rooms with no mirrors, padded walls to reduce the echo and everyone will have to talk about someone else as opposed to themselves… otherwise even our best efforts to keep the poison of a narc out of the group meetings would be destroyed. And you know that once a narc finds out about our efforts, they will crash it and take over, making the entire process about them. Next thing you know… mirrors everywhere!

Narcissists and those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder be warned… we see the rubble in the wake of your destructive path, and wish to protect the next in line who come in contact with the left-over pieces of the survivors! Not an easy task….

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  3 Responses to “Narcissistic Ex leaves a residue that taints long after they leave”

  1. I wonder whether if I had an education I should have been more or less a fool that I am.

  2. What kind of education can prepare you for a relationship with a person like Charlie Manson? Give yourself a break, and concentrate on finding a way to heal from your experience. Please read all posts and comments, and keep in touch. I hope that you can find something here that will help you. Don’t give up. We are all here to help you.

  3. I would like to be a part of the new group count me in ,,the stories i have for everyone….I have been in more than one Narc relationship.i do recognize he patern.

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