May 292011

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I just found out that my ex has more plans to ruin my life. Rumor has it that he is planning another lawsuit, more of the same bull crap this narc lets fly everywhere he goes. His obsession with me is incurable, and will force me to leave family, friends and my home if I have to. There is no cure for sociopaths with NPD, and narcissism is one bitch of a mental problem!

Knowing what I know now about the sickness that is narcissism, how the narcissistic ex can and will never stop stalking you, and that once entangled with the narcissist you are plagued for life… I would have made many changes in my life long ago, when running was easier. Let this be a warning to all of you, my friends, members and readers of this blog… know your enemy before it is too late. Read up on the characteristics of the Narcissist, because what you see is not always what you get, and once the narcissist becomes your ex, all hell breaks loose.

And thank you to all the hundreds of you emailing me and reading about my life before, during and after the toxic and deadly overdose of the Narcissistic EX!

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  8 Responses to “They Never Stop Stalking You; Prepare Yourself!”

  1. I wish I had seen your blog sooner; there is a ring of truth in each and every one of your posts for me. I hope the May posting is not your last but if it is, I do understand the war-weary state of mind you must be in. Though despite years of the same for me, I am still in the throws and not ready to post specifics but wanted you to know that your chronicle made me feel less alone. Hollywood narcissists are indeed the worst and exposing their manipulative behavior is a service. My heart goes out to you and I do hope your situation is improving.

  2. Thank you! I’m not done writing, but have been in that “war-weary state of mind”, that you have obviously experienced. I have some drafts that I need to finish and post. You also referenced the Hollywood Narcs, in your own life; I’ve had those too. They come from all walks of life, in every shape and form. I used to think that I was a good judge of character, but now I question everyone, and everything, in my life. Thanks for your encouragement. We WILL get through this! Please keep in touch, and write in when you’re ready. Much love to you.

  3. I found your blog today and read through it’s painful and I am sure to you embarassing pages. I’d simply like to offer my thoughts to you. Just from reading what you’ve writen here it’s obvious that you have more strength than what you give yourself credit for. Sometimes all the strength you have goes into just getting up in the morning and making it through the day. Count those days as success too. Those days may not be the Hollywood style victory with the streamers and dramatic music you deserve, but you’ve been through soo much that any day you can get out of bed and hold your head up high, even under the weight of all you have on your shoulders…those days are victories and you deserve them.

  4. Your words have been very inspirational, and healing, for me. I’m tired of thinking that it is my fault,stupidity, etc., etc., for my involvement in such an abusive relationship, and that’s why I started writing. If I can help ANYONE get out of a sad, and sick, situation, it will make me feel like I done something worthwhile. You have that gift, so please spread your gift around.

  5. Actually, Oprah, Ellen, David L., and all of the rest of them, might like our stories! Take care, and thanks again. I have to go to court AGAIN this week. This shit never stops.

  6. Just remember that this isn’t your fault. To believe so would be like saying it’s the fault of students hurt in a shooting or of the passengers of Titanic for being on the boat. Life happens, if your doing it the way it’s supposed to be done. When you started this blog, you became a light to others, which is a gift as well. Something you give of yourself to almost total strangers with little thought of yourself. That isn’t stupid, that isn’t running. It’s making your own stand on your own terms and helping others. Those are traits that not everyone has the ability to share. Going through the expereinces you have, you might feel it’s changed the person you are but it might be the opposite, it might be showing you more of what makes you such a great person. As for family and friends and a home. Family will always be with you, new friends can be made and a home lies within your heart and you take all of these with you no matter where you are located geographically. I hope this message finds you well and brings you some joy and hope for a better tomorrow…becuase I am sure it is there for you.

  7. I’m nobody and everybody, lol. I think we all have times when we get tunnel vison because the overwhelming weight we feel. I want you to know that your the light at the end of someone’s tunnel. I don’t know if you realize how your sharing can help others take that first step – one of the more difficult steps. I’m sure you’ve read or heard a million self help tips and telling you how you can feel better and do better etc but what they don’t tell you is that none of it will work until your ready for it to work. Till you believe in yourself again and I hope that you do. Every day you live your life the way you want it to be is less control he has over you and no matter how many times he may take you to court you should realize he’s desperate for control and his desperation put the power back to you. I don’t know the extent of your litigitation other then what you’ve posted here but know that by holding your head up and smiling once ever day takes his control over you away more and more. Eventually the only thing he may be able to take away are physical belongings, but those are easily replaced – your dignity and grace and heart can not be. Stand tall with those, everyday. Smile at funny pitcures and laugh at dumb jokes..even if it’s through tears. Your heart and grace and spirit are inspirations and those that you inspire can inspire others, you’ve touched so many people just by standing tall.
    As always, I hope this reaches you and puts a smile on your face.

  8. Hey Robert; I appreciate your comment. However, after over 4 years of court battles ( at least 70+ court appearances), four lawyers, three court experts, a private investigator, a private judge, and at least $500,000. 00 (yes, that means a half a million dollars), I feel like there is NO ONE, that can stop the insanity that this Narcissistic-Pathological Liar-Psychopath-, has caused in my life. The damage he has done to me, my family, and others that have been in contact with him, is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! This is a game for him; a game that gives him great joy. He has no intention of ending this. This is the way that he can control me….maybe forever. He has the local police department in his pocket, and is so very proud that he can use them to try to destroy me, with false police reports, that are totally ridiculous. If you know anything, or anyone, that can stop this madness, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I have proof that he has also forged my name on many contracts, committed many, many, cases of fraud involving real estate, lending, and insurance fraud. On top of that, Child Protective Services has been after him, and his ex- wife (the mother of his two children), for supplying minors with drugs and alcohol, child abuse,child abandonment, etc.,etc. HOW DOES HE (THEY) GET AWAY WITH THIS????

    P.S. I think that you are somebody that can help all of us. Thank you.

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