Sep 092012

I just read an article that I’m going to post here soon(with permission of the author). Narcs push their partners  to become involved in deviant behavior so that they can use it against them. You will find yourself doing things that go against every fiber of your being , to please, and placate, this person that  claims that they “love you”. Maybe it’s doing drugs; maybe its bringing other people into your sex life. Whatever it is, Narcs  will convince you that you have to do this to make the two of you special, and connected by participating in the weirdest crap. What they are really doing is humiliating and debilitating you. Then the Narc will use it against you, and tell the world that you are the one that corrupted him/her. What the Narc is doing, is setting you up to destroy your name and self esteem. I know, I’ve been there.

Just remember, you’re dealing with a really sick person that gets off on destroying you, and creating chaos everywhere they go.


Apr 042012

Christie Brinkley fights her Narcissist Ex

Christie Brinkley is shedding light on a problem we all know too much about – the destructive nature of the narcissist. Here spotlight moments on the Today Show with Matt Lauer are poignent in that he pushes her to the point where she is so upset, and this only adds to the problem with those deeply wounded by the emotional abuse of being with someone with as she calls it “Malignant Narcissism”. Read on ~


“I have turned the other cheek,” she said, adding that her former spouse of 12 years has repeatedly taken to the airwaves to air their dirty laundry. “There’s not one quote from me, anywhere. This is the first time I’ve ever been on a show (to talk about the split).”
She revealed that Cook pays $600 per month for each of their children, though he has been quoted as saying he pays “double” what’s required by courts. “It’s a very minimal amount of money,” she said. “And it wasn’t (about) the money. I have hesitated to do anything with the court because he actually likes the publicity and he likes going to court.”
While Cook has called Brinkley a “narcissistic egomaniac,” Brinkley seems to feel much the same way about him: “I have never taken part in name calling. The only thing I’ve ever said … at the end of that (second) trial I said as a public service, ‘Google “divorcing a narcissist.”‘ … I’m not alone. I’ve gotten hundreds of letters from women that are going through this. It’s not easy.”
Lauer was concerned about the impact all of this back-and-forth between the parents was having on their teenaged children; Brinkley returned that there should be “legislation that protects families from a spouse who has been diagnosed by the court-appointed forensic psychiatrist as a  bona fide malignant or extreme narcissist…. This is something the courts need to come to grips with.”
But as time wound down, and there was little chat of “Chicago,” Brinkley lost her own grip. While telling Lauer she has not been in touch with Cook for two years, though “he continues to contact me,” she said she asked a judge to “please make this stop, protect my right to peace. I just want peace for my family.”

Read the rest of her story here – Divorce discussion brings Christie Brinkley to tears: “I Just Want Peace”

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Headway is being made, and the legal system is addressing all too slowly the damages done by the narcissistic idiots we try desperately to escape. I for one am still doing battle with the narc who to this day haunts my life, but his time is short and soon, he is going to understand how being on the wrong side of the legal system has a cost all it’s own. I for one cannot wait for the moment I write and tell you all about it! It will be glorious….. until then.

Jan 112012

So much has happened in the last six months! I’m just going to outline the events, and fill in the complete story in other posts.

The Narc is now trying to destroy the lives of people that were close to him, that have ACTUAL EVIDENCE of  his illegal and criminal actions; money laundering, forgery, blackmail, extortion, insurance fraud, grand theft, and more. AGAIN, he is using the Police,  the legal system (it doesn’t cost him a dime), and “friends” around him that have past, and present affiliations with both entities. He is such an AMAZING LIAR, and people believe him!

I’m afraid to write too much at this point, and am in fear for my life. However, if something happens to me ( a strange accident, or shooting, resulting in my death), HE, AND HIS “FRIENDS”  WILL BE CAUGHT. It’s truly sick, that my death could be the only thing that can stop him, at this point

He continues to use third parties to,stalk, and threaten me. He never does it himself; he uses his underlings, to do his  dirty work ;having my residence watched,calling in false police reports, following me, breaking into my house, stealing my mail, going through my garbage, and on and on. Now he’s doing the same thing to his latest  target, and that person’s family,and friends. He must feel so proud to be “the godfather of the white trash mafia”.

If you just started reading my blog, you probably think that I’m making this up. PLEASE, PLEASE, go back to my earliest posts, so that you can understand that this is reality, and it’s gone on for OVER FOUR AND A HALF YEARS!!!

Anyway, I’m exhausted, and have to stop writing now. Please send in your comments, and suggestions. Don’t bother telling me to call the police, get a restraining order, and blah, blah, blah. I’ve done it all (read the beginning).It’s easier for me to stay home, in bed.


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Jan 092012

I have some new posts that I’ m working on, and you will all be blown away by what has transpired since I left off!!!!! I’m trying to recover from the latest attacks from this FREAK! Thanks for your patience. I have so much information, and many revelations for all. Please, keep sharing your stories with me. I have some new legal insight that can help everyone.

Much love to all, and hang in there….

Nov 022011

Hi Everyone… well, if you stopped by recently as within the past several weeks, you saw what was an collection a garbage that was not posted by me and my partner. I am sorry for the problem. Perhaps it was the extended reach of my ex NARC again!

Anyway, look for several new updates! It is getting good, and bad, and you will not believe it!